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snowglobe keychain

snowglobe keychain

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A double-sided acrylic keychain designed as a snowglobe, filled with silver sequins, coated with clear resin and sprinkled with white and gold flakes on both sides! ❄️

・size of snowglobe: approx. 6.5 x 7.5 cm
・gold ribbon-shaped keyring
 - outside: acrylic, UV resin, glass flakes
 - inside: sequins and baby oil

*Please note that each keychain is filled and coated by hand, so expect small imperfections!
*Please note that the sequins inside move very slowly and shaking it will not make them flurry like a real snowglobe! (To break up the sequins, turn the keychain upside down for a while, and then tilt it side-to-side slowly.)

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